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For canon characters, the policy we have in the Galaxies applies in all our Dream Worlds ~ on a thread by thread basis, so no one 'owns' Aragorn or King Arthur or Rincewind as a right and the thread runner or games master will determine whether the thread is canon or not and if canon characters are required, will decide how roles are assigned in the Dream Galaxies and in all the Dream Worlds - for more information on this and other RP policy, please go to the RPG Code of Conduct (part 3).

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Enter the classic fantasy world of J.R.R. Tolkien. This is our oldest forum and is a development from our earlier site so has a small but dedicated and affectionate member-base. Newcomers to Tolkien and textual RP are more than welcome and you can play across the entire timeline of The Silmarillion as well as The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Explore Beleriand and the Blessed Isles as well as Middle Earth! Mourn the passing of the Two Trees in Aman ~ see the first risings of the Moon and the Sun in Doriath ~ witness the forging of the Three Elven Rings in Eregion ~ fight the Dark Lord with Gil-galad, Elendil and Elrond in the Last Alliance ~ or just have a quiet pint or three with Sam in the Green Dragon...

There's something for all tastes and standards in textual roleplay as well as themed experiences and games covering every part of Tolkien's enchanted world, just waiting in here for you.


Middle Earth Village

The hub of activity for everyone in our Tolkien Community! Come here to sign up for RPGs and discover everything on Arda! Discussions; Games; Trivia/Lore; & OOC Chat and News!

Tales of Arda

Open up your own thread(s) in here for all your ME fanfiction, poetry and all your pictures that tell a story

The Mathoms House

This is a place to store Planning or OOC threads that won't 'fit' anywhere else... not so much unwanted as oddball threads you haven't got space for out in the regional or retro sub-forums

The Newbie and Visitor Gathering Place

New to Tolkien or to roleplay forums? This is the place to find friends and guides to help you settle in

Hobbit Lands ~ The Shire & Buckland

Come and play with the hard eatin' and drinkin' hairy-footed Halfings! The largest community of Hobbits in Middle Earth ~ but out in the Wild Lands we have Bree and the Chetwood too!

The Wild Lands forum

for the oldest surviving settlement of Hobbits in Middle Earth - but the Men of the North were there first!

Realms of Men

Walk in the steps of Heroes. Discover Gondor and Rohan and, in the Wild Lands visit Bree and the Chetwood in the North, and Dale and Long Lake to the East. Live life as a free Man!


The former South Kingdom of the Lords of Andúnië, where the Men of Minas Tirith, Dol Amroth and the other ancient fiefdoms of Gondor still defy the legions of the Black Lands


The land of the Horselords ~ staunch allies of Gondor, the wolds of Rohan are home to herds that still bear the blood of the Mearas and remember the Elves of Calenardhon.

Elven Realms

Discover all the Elven communities of the Third Age ~ Rivendell, the Grey Havens, ageless Lothlórien, and in the Wild Lands the mysterious depths of Mirkwood


The hidden valley of Rivendell where Elrond Peredhel and the High Elves stand with the Dúnedain of the north against the gathering Darkness.


Ageless and beautiful the Golden Wood is home to the Sindar and Silvan Elves under the protection of the Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn


The Grey Havens are the Gateway into the West for the Elves who remain in Middle Earth. Ancient Círdan rules with wisdom and strength, building the Swan Ships to take the Eldar home...

Dwarven Realms

Explore Aulë’s people's wealth of adventurous settlements in the Lonely Mountain and the Iron Hills. Also in the Wild Lands ~ Dale & Long Lake, the Blue Mountains and Moria


The Lonely Mountain is now restored to the Longbeards and their Halls are once more ringing with the sounds of hammers and lit with forge fires. The Heart of the Mountain welcomes you!

The Iron Hills

Ancient fastness of the Longbeards, the Hills remain strong and prosperous in partnership with their kinsfolk in Erebor

Realms of Darkness

In the 3rd Age... just how evil can you be? Come to Mordor and Isengard ~ and in the Wild Lands we terrorise Mirkwood, Moria, Umbar, Harad, Khand and Rhûn!


Impregnable and ancient, the Dark Lord's greatest stronghold, Mordor is the site of Barad-dûr and Orodruin, the fire-mountain in which Sauron's Great Ring was forged

Isengard (and Dunland)

Nan Curunír, the vale at the southernmost tip of the Misty Mountains, home of the White Wizard, Saruman. But where does the Tower of Orthanc place its loyalties in these dark days...?

The Wild Lands

Here there are no Lords save the elements. Some wander or make homes in the vastness of Eriador, Enedwaith and Rhovanion, in the dour Mountain ranges or the pitiless wastes of the Southlands

Bree and the Chetwood (home to Hobbits and Men)

The oldest surviving settlement of Hobbits in Middle Earth - but the Men of the North were there first!

Dale and Long Lake (home to Men and the Dwarves of Erebor)

The Men of Dale and Esgaroth, together with other settlements around the Long Lake are the stalwart allies of the Dwarven King under the Mountain of Erebor.

Mirkwood (Wood Elves at war with Dol Guldur)

The dark and dangerous forest is now disputed territory with eternal enmity between Thranduil's Woodelves defending the north-east ~ and the minions of Dol Guldur occupying the south west.

The Dwarrowdelf (the Dwarves at war with the Dark Lord's minions)

Also known as Moria and Khazad-dûm, the Dwarves discovered great treasure beneath the Redhorn Pass, but other, more malevolent powers also coveted the truesilver known as mithril...

The Blue Mountains

After Belegost and Nogrod were destroyed in the War of Wrath the Dwarves fled to Moria and to Erebor. But when Durin's Bane arose some Dwarves returned to their ancient home in the West...

The Great Mountain Ranges

The cold Grey Mountains and the menacing Misty Mountains where Orcs and Trolls infest the caves and tunnels and Stone-giants jealously deny the high passes to the weak and unwary...

The Cape of Umbar

The port city of the Corsairs, descendants of the Black Númenóreans and steeped in enmity against their estranged kindred, the Lords of Gondor

The Lost Lands

Harad of the merciless deserts and fierce tribesmen; the shrouded, mysterious land of Khand; and the nameless vastnesses of Rhûn where the dour Easterlings look on the west with hungry eyes.

Ancient Realms

The legendary past of the tragic pride of the Noldor and the Wood Elves, the fortunes of the noble sea kings of the Edain and the rise and fall of Morgoth's and Sauron's dark empires...

The Kingdom of Arnor

The inheritance of the heirs of Isildur's youngest son Valandil, the north Kingdom of the Lords of Andunië long stood proud against the creatures of darkness. Relive the glory days!

Carn Dûm

The dread Fortress of the Witchking of Angmar and his legions of Barrow-wights and Goblins... Enter this region at your peril!

The Gladden Fields

The lush riverlands between the Misty Mountains and the Anduin were the ancestral homelands of the Hobbits and one Sméagol - who wanted a more pleasing birthday present...


The remnants of the Great Forest that once covered the Great Valley of the Anduin and most of Enedwaith to the east of the Misty Mountains as far north as the Shire. The Ents remember...


The southern havens of the Eldar, where Amroth and Nimrodel planned to take ship into the west...

Lake Evendim

First a home to the Noldor and the Grey and the Green Elves who escaped the inundation of Beleriand and then to the sea lords of Westernesse as Numenor met the same fate...


The glorious land of the Noldor in Exile, where the brightest hopes of the Houses of Fëanor and of Finarfin shone briefly and then fell into pride and unbeknown folly...


The idyllic island realm granted by the Ainur to the Edain at the end of the First Age, where Elros, son of Eärendil and Elwing took kingship over the noble races of Men

Belegost and Nogrod

The ancient cities of the children of Aulë in the Blue Mountains. Where the Dwarves grew great in skill and wealth in their mastery of stone and of metal.

Beleriand & Ossiriand

The lands of the west where the Great Journey of the Eldar ended and they first left Middle Earth, only to return in bitterest Exile at the Sun's first dawn and the coming of the Secondborn

Doriath ~ Woodland Realm of the Sindar

Where Elwë Singollo, greatest King and leader of the Teleri ruled in Menegroth, safeguarded by the magical Girdle of Melian, his Maia spouse ~ and damned by the coveted Silmarils


The western fortress of Morgoth and his powerful lieutenant Sauron ~ the three-peaked mountain of Thangorodrim in the Iron Mountains cast its evil shadows across all of Beleriand

Cuiviénen ~ The Water of Awakening

Where the Elves, Firstborn of Ilúvatar, awoke into a paradise beside a beautiful lake in Easternmost Arda, under the gentle starlight. But the jealous darkness was waiting for them...


The first lair of the Dark Lord Morgoth and his evil servant Sauron where they plotted the first marring of Arda and destroyed the Lamps of the Valar that lit up the Ancient World

The Library of Arda

Lore, articles, history, stories, artwork, reference material, academic papers and OOC discussion and cafe threads on all that is Arda and its creator's other works.

History and Lore

Discussion threads and links to maps, historical accounts, timelines and essays on the lore of ME and Aman through the ages

Geography and the Natural World

Discussion threads and links to maps, habitats, climate, topography and the flora and fauna of Tolkien's Arda

Military History & Warfare

Discussion threads and links to paraphenalia, methodology, traditions, alliances and essays on the art of war on Arda

Myth, Magic and the Spiritual World

Discussion threads and links to articles and essays on the other planes of existence and perception on Arda, including medical and sensory abilities in the magically enabled

The Literature and Art of Arda

Discussion threads and links to articles on bardic traditions, sagas, verse, songs, monuments and architecture, sculpture and applied arts in the Tolkien universe

The Works ~ Tolkiens Writings and Languages

Discussion threads and links to articles on Tolkien's academic career, life and interests as well as the amazing body of work supporting his masterpieces on Arda and other works


Enter the Otherworlds of the last of the great Celtic cultures. For now, this is largely based on the British Celtic nations (the Irish, the Welsh and the Scotti and Picti), and centred on the times before and after the Roman Occupation of Brittania and, inevitably, on the legendary druid mage Merlin and his protege King Arthur. We will certainly welcome contributions from the celtic communities from Iberia, Brittany, the Mediterranean and Asia Minor too in time, particularly in the artistic performance fields (gotta keep those Welsh from dominating too much! ). Our mythological bent will be rooted in the pre-Christian era, where the pastoral seasons and deities held sway, but not exclusively, as the Insular Art movement is fascinating to some and the Isles' early monastic 'superstars' will get some attention, since they represent the oldest non-classical literary culture in Europe, along with the more exotic visual and ornamental art movements in stone and metal.

This is a new dedicated RP area for us and we're very excited at all the possibilities this traditional, yet still mysterious genre has to reveal. As with the Arda forum we will build it so there's something for all tastes and standards in textual roleplay, as well as themed experiences and games covering every part of the æthereal Celtic world, just waiting in here for you to explore and play to your heart's content...

The Sacred Grove

The gathering place for those who frequent the Lands of Celtica for general orientation and OOC chat and central information and planning for the Celtica forums

The Word of the Bard

From the Druids to the height of the monastic dominance in Britain & Eire, the Bards were the keepers of lore, language, history, and song. A place for your own tales, art and writings.

Realms of Celtic Myth and Legend

The old gods, the Sidhe, heroes (Arthur's OK in here too!) and cattle thieves. Find the places where the Druids roamed, the Bards made legend in harp songs and souls transmigrate...

The Warriors of Lloegr and Llyonesse

The Lost Lands of Arthur the Warlord, where history merges with myth and legend. With the Roman era long gone, the true Britons, the Celts must reclaim their lands before others take them...

From Camelot to Avalon

Classic and modern takes on Arthurian legend based on the medieval and Romantic Era lyrical sagas about the Knights of the Round Table and the Grail Quest. Merlin AND Python fans welcome!

This is a fantasy where the fantastic is work-a-day, the whole planet is rife with magic and the natural laws of Physics are not so much stood, as bounced on their heads... It is of course the impossible Discworld! It is the stuff of dreams ~ a (mostly) flat world carried through the multi-verse on the back of four giant elephants, who in turn stand upon the shell of a mighty Cosmic Chelonian (a turtle) called Great A'tuin. There's always something going on somewhere on this peculiar world. Maybe it's because so many peculiar people live there! Well, you'll just have to come in and see for yourselves...

This is our newest dedicated RP area and we can't think of a more interesting fantasy world to explore, whilst having a good chuckle too. As with the other single-world forums we will build it so there's something for all tastes and standards in textual roleplay, as well as themed experiences and games covering every part of the Disc. You can't come to too much harm as even the Death of Discworld's a jolly nice chap! No straight up! He's a really great grim reaper dude...

Pardon Our Klatchian...

For general discussions, debates, fun and games threads and a home for roleplay for everywhere on the Disc that doesn't yet have a themed home!

Death's Domain & Library Services

(Fan writing & art)

Even the Death of the Discworld, who can go anywhere, anywhen in his job, needs somewhere to hang up his scythe and somewhere comfy to rest his bones - just think of black as the new chintz! As you would expect in such a hectic and eccentric world the anthropomorphic personification of Death, whilst paying nodding acquaintanceship to his watch in brief - with the scythe and the sword, nice pale horse (Binky's white and 'real' as a skeleton riding a skeleton gets the spine a bit wobbly) he's got a quirk or three. For instance he takes a keen interest in humans, is very fond of cats and is partial to a curry after a busy night. He just can't get the hang of colour for the interior or indeed exterior of his own little domicile that he shares with his ex-wizard servant Albert, the Death of Rats (also hamsters and gerbils apparently) and the Death of Fleas, who are more important than you might think. And sometimes his grand daughter Susan. She's human. A bit anyway.
His Library is also open 24/8 to dig the latest dirt on events in the lands of the living!

Ankh-Morpork ~ the Big Wahooni

Welcome to the well-beloved stinkpot on the Circle Sea. There may be tougher, meaner streeted, more lawless and ramshackle cities than Ankh-Morpork, but nowhere can match it's peerless pong! A-M is the great cosmopolis of the Disc and home to wizards, dwarves, trolls, vampires, banshees, werewolves, zombies and some very odd humans indeed. And tooth fairies and bogeymen. And swamp dragons. It's also home to the City Watch who have grown in numbers and respect since they were a slightly dodgy Corporal, dim but daffy Sarge and a six foot plus Dwarf with a definitely not magical sword under the command of a drunk with attitude and very well-worn boots. All run under the cynical yet oddly benign rule of a former assassin who somehow manages to make it all work... Mostly.

Wizardworld ~ Unseen University & The Library

The oldest seat of learning on the Disc, come and discover more about magic than you can shake a stick at, in the most... eclectic magical college in this, or any multi-verse! Marvel at the ant-based bionic brainwaves of a High Energy Magic thingie called HEX ~ a bit like a computer, but not really, 'cos it's magic as well. As for the Library - well let's say the realm of books is not a place for the faint-hearted here, so only top banana Librarians are able to use it with any degree of accuracy, which is why UU's Librarian is an orang-utan... and a wizard of course!

The High Ramtops ~ stuck up some mountain hubwards

In the pristine snowfields are monasteries where Time is kept in good order - and the gods still aren't speaking to the ice giants... More ordinary Hublanders as you might expect are a tough breed which doesn't mean they're necessarily clever with it, but they're certainly determined and this is where you'll find the likes of Hrun the Barbarian (rumoured to be able to read without moving his lips - much) and the barbarian hero's legendary barbarian, Cohen. The Barbarian... He doesn't let a little thing like more than qualifying for senior citizenship get in the way of his endeavours, whether it's having it out with the gods over who really stole their fire or finding some soft toilet paper and den-chewers courtesy of the former trollish owner (aka diamonds).

The Witch Heartlands

Primarily featuring Lancre and the Chalk this is the place where our favourite witches are roaming around alongside your own original characters - who could well be witches or wizards too! Here the love of iron means the blacksmiths can shoe a maddened unicorn with silver (ants just get the usual iron shoes). Elves are seen occasionally, but not heard too much, as they really don't belong there. However, they have left a calling card from the faerie spheres in the form of little blue gnomes with very red hair -the famed Nac Mac Feegles - inveterate weight-lifters, thieves, rustlers and sheep (or is it ship?) liniment imbibers...


Any similarities with the Transylvania of Roundworld are in place as comedic devices and noises off... Here the undead are now trying hard to lead a life more commonplace - as the graveyard! But this is frontier country as well, so despite the efforts of the more peaceable citizenry, there's still plenty of skullduggery going on and not just by the Igor clan. What can we say about the Igors aside from the obvious, which is that they are great collectors of body parts - and recycling them. They're always willing to lend you a hand, hip joint, or even the odd internal organ. So long as you're OK with them having it back when you've finished with it...



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