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The central information and planning area for all our mixed and dedicated RP forums. This is where to come for help in starting new RP Worlds for the more popular fandoms and for advice and guidelines on how to learn or improve your RP or games/thread runner skills.

The Dream Worlds Nebula ~ Central Planning

Roleplay Workshops & Helpdesks

The Dream Worlds
These are our dedicated single RP forums, where you can sink into an immersive environment where you can become an Arthurian Knight, a Witch from the Ramtops in Discworld or a Tolkienesque Elf.

Tolkien's Arda (LotR & others)

Celtic Myths and Legends (members only)

DiscworldDreams (members only)

full listings below

More DreamWorlds will be added as players call for them...

The wild side of RP! This is the place to experiment with your favourite and/or obscure genres and characters. The DreamGalaxies forums can support high-volume 'just jump in' style RPGs or low-participation games for a few friends in the less well-known worlds.

DreamGalaxies (Multi-Fandom) RP Helpdesks

Dream Galaxies RPG Proposals & Planning

Multi-Fandom Roleplay Arena
Multi-fandom Dreams & Tales

Multi-Fandom Chat

The DreamWorlds - Dedicated Roleplay Forums

DreamWorld ~ Tolkien's Arda
(LOTR and others)
DreamWorld ~ Celtic Myths and Legends DreamWorld ~ DiscworldDreams
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Middle Earth Village
Tales of Arda
The Newbie and Visitor Gathering Place
The Mathoms House (available for play)
Hobbit Lands ~ The Shire & Buckland

Realms of Men
Elven Realms
Dwarven Realms
Iron Hills
Realms of Darkness
Isengard (and Dunland)
The Wild Lands
Bree and the Chetwood (home to Hobbits and Men)
Dale and Long Lake (home to Men and the Dwarves of Erebor)
Mirkwood (Thranduil's Elves at war with Khamûl's Dol Guldur)
The Dwarrowdelf (the Dwarves at war with the Minions) (available for play)
The Blue Mountains
The Great Mountain Ranges
The Cape of Umbar (available for play)
The Lost Lands
Ancient Realms
The Kingdom of Arnor (available for play)
Carn Dûm (available for play)
The Gladden Fields (available for play)
Edhellond (available for play)
Lake Evendim (available for play)
Eregion (available for play)
Númenor (available for play)
Belegost and Nogrod (available for play)
Beleriand & Ossiriand
Doriath ~ Woodland Realm of the Sindar (available for play)
Angband (available for play)
Cuiviénen ~ The Water of Awakening (available for play)
Utumno (available for play)
Library of Arda
History and Lore (available soon)
People and Cultural Studies
Geography and the Natural World
Military History and Warfare (available soon)
Myth, Magic and the Spiritual World
The Literature and Art of Arda (available soon)
The Works ~ Tolkiens Writings and Languages (available soon)

The Sacred Grove

The Warriors of Lloegr & Llyonesse

From Camelot to Avalon (available soon)

Realms of Celtic Myth and Legend (available soon)

The Word of the Bard

Pardon Our Klatchian... (general chat and fun threads) (available soon)

The Witch Heartlands

Ankh-Morpork ~ the Big Wahooni

Wizardworld ~ Unseen University & The Library (available soon)

Überwald (available soon)

The High Ramtops ~ Cori Celesti, History Monks & Hublands (available soon)

Death's Domain (available soon)


Areas that are for member or admin access only are not listed on this page
(with exceptions in the Marketplace and the Library of Arda, which links will fail for non-members)

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