DreamWorlds Linkback Banners

To put one of the following linkback images on your website, blog or network space

  • choose the DreamWorlds banner image you want to use and note down the filename to add to the code you're going to use
  • then copy the following codes according to what kind of web page you'll be using the banner on
  • finally replace the "/banner.jpg" part of the

    <img src=".....">

    or [IMG]....... [/IMG]

    or src="......"

    code with the filename for the linkback image you want to use, and
  • paste the amended code onto your site.

Image Clickable for Myspace etc

<a href="http://www.dream-worlds.net" style="text-decoration: none;"><img src="http://www.dream-worlds.net/forum/link_back/banner.jpg" alt="Live your dream at dream-worlds.net" >


Image clickable for Message Boards / forum signatures



Image clickable for websites and web pages

<a href="http://www.dream-worlds.net/">
<img border="0" src="http://www.dream-worlds.net/forum/link_back/banner.jpg" alt="Live your dream at dream-worlds.net"></a>


35 x 100 - linkback-icon.jpg
suitable for links/affiliate site pages
40 x 140 - lb-small.jpg
60 x 209 - lb-med.jpg

100 x 349
- lb-large.jpg

100 x 112 - lb-box.jpg

140 x 470 - lb-xlarge.jpg



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